Network Touch, LTD. provides a high-tech staff fully versed in internet and networked systems technologies. The staff has certification in both Microsoft and Netware products and many years experience in UNIX and Apple systems. By request, Network Touch, LTD. can provide consultation in Enterprise Systems, Network Design, Storage, Security, and implementation on most Microsoft, Netware, and Unix Systems. Network Touch, LTD. also has experience in DNS, Email, Firewalls, Remote Access, Cross-Platform Integration, and many more.
Owner: Harry Duffey
College: Rice University
Years in Business: 10
Server Rooms We Work On
Pics Coming Soon
Pics Coming Soon
Pics Coming soon
Suggested Products
  1. 1.Redhat Enterprise Linux
  2. 2.Microsoft Win2003 Server
  3. 3.Apple OS X
  4. 4.Palm Treo
  5. 5.Apple iPhone
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